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Earlier this month in Foreign Policy, IFES Senior Global Adviser Kyle Lemargie warned that Mexico’s Instituto Nacional Electoral was in the “fight for its life” as the president threatened to reduce its mandate and budget. This week, the changes to the electoral body passed. 

The legislation, which will cut salaries and funding for local election offices and trainings for poll workers, sparked tens of thousands to protest in Mexico this past week. 

Lemargie writes in his piece the cutbacks are an example of how leaders can spin disinformation to consolidate their power and remove barriers to prolonged incumbency. “The democratic erosion threat posed by duly elected leaders cannot be discounted at a time when a record number of countries are autocratizing,” he says. 

Read Lemargie’s piece in Foreign Policy. 

The Zocalo today is ringing with the words, “don’t touch my vote,” which underlines a powerful truth: for democracy to work, the people need to be able to trust their elections. 3/3

Formidable new challenges are compelling the democracy community to rethink how it works to build democratic resilience. IFES is pleased to launch its new learning agenda, consisting of 14 questions developed so we can bridge evidence gaps as we continue to build resilient democracies. 

Learn more here. 

Nepal will hold its presidential elections on March 9, four months following the federal and provincial elections. Although the presidency is a largely ceremonial position, they review and authenticate all federal laws and appoint several constitutional positions. 

Read the FAQs. 


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